Friday, 28 September 2012

Christmas Menu at the Merry Harriers

My picture of the Merry Harriers and their Lama (see previous entry) is being used for the cover of their Christmas Menu and so in the hope that some of the diners may be interested enough in my work and follow the link to this blog I thought I would put up some photos of my work to give a flavour of what I do.  I apologise to those of you who have already seen these on my old blog.
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Monday, 24 September 2012

A New Blog to Link with my Etsy Shop

There are two main reasons for me setting up this new blog;  firstly I am  no longer doing the on-line class which was the reason for me starting my other blog"Life in Threads"; and secondly I wanted my blog to link with my Etsy shop which is also called Jane's Slow Stitching.

Over the summer I have continued to stitch patchwork, appliqued pictures and have had an exhibition at "The Merry Harriers" in Hambledon which was a success as I not only sold some pictures but also was asked to make a couple of commissioned pieces.   The other positive outcome is that the landlady has asked if she can use my picture of the pub as her Christmas card this year, which is good publicity for me.
Here is the picture of the pub plus lama ( they also do lama walks!) and a couple of new ones.
This Lion looks as if he has a bit of a shock - it could be because he has found himself in a jungle rather than in the open space of the grasslands.
Time spent at the washing line, something I find myself doing quite a lot of, even though it has rained most of the summer!

I have also continued to make patchwork quilts, and when the sun shines again I will pin them on the above mentioned washing line and take some photos to put up.